Bottled Water Boycott

Water. I remember when they started selling bottled water, and I thought, next thing they'll be charging for air (seen any oxygen bars lately?). The crazy thing is, bottled water is EVERYWHERE and everyone uses it. I use it. I'd rather that than soda.

Well, not anymore. Give me a cup of nice chlorinated tap water (the water in that bottle is probably city water anyway).

This year a rural town in Australia banned the sale of bottled water entirely, and San Francisco and Seattle banned city sales (that means any city-sponsored events, you can't get it). Chicago is taxing it. This is good, and it has its problems. First, it might wake people up to the fact that there is a problem with bottled water. On the other hand, it might drive them to drinking bottled sodas (bad). Something needs to be done about those, too.

So the answer, as always, is education. Aluminum bottles like the one above are not expensive; you can get them without the nifty cover for starting around $6, or really pretty ones from for around $9-12. I really like the option in the picture - you're supporting an artisan and the earth at the same time, and that aluminum gets cold so the little band on it is nifty.

It's best not to substitute just another plastic bottle for your bottled water (although any reusable bottle is good). Definitely don't use one of those Dasani bottles over and over; there are substances in the plastic that can break down and if you ingest them they are harmful. Splurge and get yourself an aluminum one (but don't put acidic liquids in it like orange juice... different problems there).

Above all, please don't substitute a no cal beverage in a plastic bottle for a sugary one in a plastic bottle. At least, if you do use plastic, recycle (not the best option - it takes energy to recycle things).

For myself, one of my promises to myself for the new year is no bottled water. My home water is filtered and quite portable. It'll take a little forethought but it's one more small change I can make to reduce landfill.

Here's all the low down at this great site: