Now I've Done It

I did three things last year that I am really proud of: 1) I boycotted single serving plastic bottled beverages and bottled water for the entire year, 2) I converted to reusable shopping bags, and 3) I spent the year saying things like "Vote with your fork" and "Find out where that stuff you're eating came from."

I was so proud of #1, which was my New Year's Resolution, that I decided to make another one this year in line with #3. Now, if my world was perfect, I'd have time to be a homesteader and make most of my own stuff, grow my own food or get it all from farmer's markets and CSA's, eat everything local and organic. My world ain't perfect. I, just like you, have days when food has to be consumed on the run. At least I'm remembering my water bottle and my reusable bags most of the time now. I'm still taking baby steps, and every step means something.

This year's resolution: I am boycotting high fructose corn syrup. This one made my hubby go, "Oh boy..." and it seems to do the same with everyone who hears that. "Wow, what are you going to eat?"

This bothers me. This tells me that my friends and family KNOW that this processed crap is in everything they're consuming. Some seem to know it's horrible for their health. Others don't seem to think so.

The last week has been eye-opening. I learned just how much food it's in. I learned that it's not the same as "corn syrup" on a label, and also that there are sneakier ways to put it in there and not on the label as consumers become wiser. Remember the old days, when sugar was bad for you, a no-no? It'll rot your teeth? Yeah. Now they're marketing soda and other things with "contains REAL sugar!" Oh boy!

I'll save some of the ranting now, though I'll probably get into it later. The above subsidy food triangle amused me. For Christmas I got Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma (HIGHLY recommended). I wasn't aware of how much government policy affected the food we ingest. And you hear politicians bitch and moan about how fat we are. I got news. Government corn subsidies (read: taxpayer dollars) make it cheaper to buy your kids a box of Froot Loops to throw at them for breakfast than to feed them something healthy (and of course, there's the convenience factor too, which is heavily marketed). You can decry the obesity epidemic all you want, Washington, but you are causing it.

Please educate yourselves about what you're feeding yourself and your family. There are alternatives. I'll be posting what I learn here as I go. And don't feel like you have to do it all at once.

Good health to you!