National Farmers' Market Week

I got an email from Slow Food USA about this coming week being National Farmers' Market week... apparently the USDA and Secretary of Agriculture issued a proclamation that August 4-10 will be National Farmers' Market week.

So I Googled it.  There's practically nothing about it.  So I went to the pages of all the farmers' markets I could think of on Facebook.  There's nothing about it.

What the heck?  Why so little publicity?   So I took it upon myself to make this little graphic and share it around on Facebook... feel free, if you are a small farmer who goes to markets - no wait.  If you are a person who eats food, feel free to share this graphic and if you haven't been to your local market - or if you have! - please go and support your local farmers this week.

In other news, the EPA recently approved an increase on allowable limits for glyphosate (Roundup and its spin-offs) on crops.  Hey EPA... you're under a Democratic president, get a clue :(   Here's a link with more info on why glyphosate is awful for the environment and awful for you.

Please, if you can afford to, eat organic or certified naturally grown (crops that are not grown with Roundup or other herbicides, artificial fertilizers and pesticides), and especially, support your small local farmer who is farming responsibly.  Get to know them.  There's nothing like knowing where your food came from.