Green Smoothies Win!

Last week I started a Green Smoothie Challenge.  I am loving it!!  Want to join me?

Here's the deal.  I am all about some whole foods, which is why we are in a CSA again this year.  Well, with a full share and only 2 of us consuming it, I am finding that I have a lot of leftovers, most of which can be canned, frozen or preserved in some way, but not so much the greens, which, being springtime/early summer, we are getting a lot of.

So, what to do with them?  I stumbled on this green smoothie thing.  The concept is, you drink 1 smoothie a day.  You can use it to replace a meal (you'll probably want to, they're filling, but you can snack a little too).  That's it.  You don't deprive yourself, you can eat what you're eating, but here's the thing.  Since this is basically whole foods thrown in a blender, you're getting all the fiber with whatever sugar is in it, which for me is killing my carb/sugar cravings (yay!), and because of the fiber you don't get the same spike in blood sugar levels that you would just eating junk or even juice.  The ingredients are PACKED with nutrients, so that's awesome.  

How to:  The skinny is, you shoot for a proportion of 40% greens (leafy dark greens preferably - think kale, spinach, collards, mustard, turnip... I don't eat most of that crap except for the first two either, but I promise, you won't taste it) and 60% whole fruit, with a liquid - water, coconut milk, almond milk, you can even use teas sometimes, or regular milk, or yogurt.  You can follow that challenge link above to get you started with great tips and recipes.

Recipes will follow here, or you can follow my Green Smoothie Board on Pinterest as I gather smoothie info and recipes from all over the web.  Drink up!